Hydromat rotary transfer machines

Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines

Whether it’s the Rotary, Trunnion or Inline machine model, the basic principal of the Hydromat machine remains the same. It is a modular design that’s simple, flexible and efficient. The result for Hydromat’s customers is a consistent, high production of quality components, reduced downtime and no costly secondary operations.


Hydromat Inc. emphasizes after-sale support in the form of engineering, parts inventory, and comprehensive customer service and training. This ensures the manufacturing systems developed for customers are perfect for their unique applications. Contact Motch and Eichele for more information regarding Hydromat Inc.’s rotary transfer machines.

Hydromat rotary transfer machinesHYDROMAT ROTARY TRANSFER MACHINES





The Motch and Eichele Company – Ultra Tech Machinery is factory certified to rebuild and/or retool Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines at our facility in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. This certification allows us to regionally serve our customers' needs while maintaining OEM factory rebuild and documentation standards. We receive the full engineering support of Hydromat and conclude our projects by copying Hydromat on all rebuild/retool technical information so future customer service can be performed by our local service staff or the OEM, if required. In order to maintain the competitiveness that you expect and to avoid component obsolescence, it is important to stay current with the technologies available today. Whether it’s mechanical, electrical, or the need to add CNC control to one or several stations, we can assist you locally. We would be glad to arrange a visit to your facility to survey your machine or new application and help you determine the best and most competitive machine configuration. Please contact Willie Eichele at 330-564-8840 for assistance.