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When Gerald Roch and the late Edward Humston founded Hurco in 1968, they understood the connection between people and computers. Computer technology should help people be more efficient …not get in their way. Technology should minimize tedious and redundant tasks and simplify work so machinists can be more productive.


More than four decades later, their original mission statement is still the cornerstone of 21st century Hurco.


New Operators Find CNC Control Easy to Use
– from Manufacturing News, July 1, 2016


5-Axis Vertical Machines


Trunnion Table 5-Axis Makes
5-Sided Machining Easy


VMX30UHSi photo


The efficient design of the Hurco 5-axis trunnion table machining centers is a key benefit to consider—we use an integrated trunnion table at Hurco instead of simply sticking a trunnion table on a 3-axis machining center and passing it off as a 5-axis machine. The integrated trunnion table design provides more clearance in Z compared to other brands.


VMX30UHSi Overview Specs:

Travel: 30 x 20 x 20.5 in
Table Size: 9.8 dia
Spindle: 12k, 158 ft-lbs @ 600
Tool Capacity: 40 CAT 40
Machine Weight: 10,956 lbs



5-Axis CNC Mill Offers Maximum Flexibility


VMX42SRTi photo


The SR series of 5-axis CNC mills offers multiple advantages, starting with the machine’s design configuration that utilizes a swivel head with either an A or C style rotary table. The generous size of the rotary table provides maximum versatility because you can use the extra table space for secondary operations or 3-axis work.


VMX42SRTi Overview Specs:

Travel: 42 x 24 x 24 in
Table Size: 50 x 24 in
Spindle: 12k, 87 ft-lbs @ 2,900
Tool Capacity: 40 CAT 40
Machine Weight: 17,000 lbs


Vertical Machines


Machine Faster with the Hurco HS Series of High-Speed Mills Integral spindle. Premium components. Built for speed. Built to last.


VMX24HSi photo


Our newest line of mills has the quality components and specifications you need to go fast. The VMXHSi high-speed machining centers combine all of the ergonomic design features and robustness of our proven VMX mills with components required for high speed machining.


VMX24HSi Overview Specs:

Travel: 24 x 20 x 24 in
Table Size: 30 x 20 in
Spindle: 18k, 88 ft-lbs @ 2,800
Tool Capacity: 24 HSK 63
Machine Weight: 10,600 lbs



VMX CNC Mills are Built for Performance Machining Where Expert Design and Advanced Technology Meet.


VMX24i photo


Our signature line of VMX machining centers takes machining to the next level. These machines deliver high performance capabilities to any machining application. Whether you are doing batch production or die/mold work, the VMX mills will make you more profitable.


VMX24i Overview Specs:

Travel: 24 x 20 x 24 in
Table Size: 30 x 20 in
Spindle: 12k, 70 ft-lbs @ 900
Tool Capacity: 24 CAT 40
Machine Weight: 10,225 lbs



Absolutely the Best Value on the Market.


VM5i photo


The VM series of 3-axis machining centers features a small footprint with a large work cube. No other mill packs as much productivity into such an efficiently designed package.


VM5i Overview Specs:

Travel: 18 x 14 x 14 in
Table Size: 18 x 14 in
Spindle: 8k, 36 ft-lbs @ 1,450
Tool Capacity: 16 CAT 40
Machine Weight: 5,800 lbs



Double column for the BIG STUFF.


DCX22i-40T photo


The DCX Series of CNC machining centers was created due to customer requests—customers who already knew the value of Hurco and needed larger machines for aerospace and energy parts. Our 2-meter and 3-meter VMCs are the biggest machine tools available with the powerful Hurco control.


DCX22i-40T Overview Specs:

Travel: 86.6 x 66.9 x 29.5 in
Table Size: 82.7 x 63.0 in
Spindle: 12k, 175 ft-lbs @ 720
Tool Capacity: 40 CAT 40
Machine Weight: 44,000 lbs


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