FUJI Machining Centers


FUJI turns the machining of a part into process perfection. When you contact FUJI, the part you will be machining is analyzed by engineers with vast experience in process and manufacturing engineering. With the largest install base at the major automotive manufacturers, FUJI engineers apply their experience with the FUJI machines that are built for automation from the ground up. These highly accurate machines employ built-in robotic automation, in-process auto gauging for quality control, and are engineered with the finest FUJI custom workholding, all from one source. This allows FUJI engineers to guarantee takt time, cycle time and CPK with turnkey and run-off solutions that are built for lean manufacturing. Using less manpower and more automation, FUJI machines produce the highest quality parts most efficiently and reliably. FUJI solutions are supported by factory-trained American engineers 24/7.



DLFn Modular Production Equipment


We've revolutionized machining automation with our DLFn Modular Production Equipment. This completely innovative approach to flexible machining allows for the convenient changeover or addition of modules for extreme efficiency. In total, up to 10 modules can be combined to form a maximum 14¾ ft (4.5 m) line, occupying less than half the space of a conventional machining line.


DLFn Modular Production Equipment photo

• Up to 10 modules can be combined
• Two modules occupy a single 2.95 ft (900 mm) base
• Internal work handling
• Machines a workpiece front and back with turning, measuring, drilling, deburring and more in a single set-up unmanned
• Modules slide forward for easy changeover and maintenance
• FUJI's original easy-to-operate UNICORN controller





The FUJI ANW-Series performs all turning, facing, drilling, threading, grooving and boring operations in addition to automatic loading and unloading of parts with minimum operator intervention. The opposed dual spindles on the ANW allows first and second operations (front & back) to be processed automatically in a single machine. Interrupted and finish cuts can be simultaneously performed which increases the productivity of the cell. Machine a workpiece front and back with turning, facing, threading, grooving and boring in a single set-up, unmanned.

FUJI ANW-Series photo

• Built-in FUJI L292L swing arm robot
• Dual spindles for front and back machining
• Increase productivity by performing interrupted and finish cuts simultaneously
• Hardened and ground box way construction
• 90º bed for excellent chip flow
• Auxiliary loader for faster load/unload



CSD-300 Series


The CSD-300 Series of parallel twin two spindle CNC lathes feature both Z- and X-axis box way slides for heavy cutting, superior surface finish and longer tool life. This series is equipped with FUJI-engineered hydraulic clamping gantry robot loaders to maintain tight tolerances.


CSD-300 Series photo

• Reliable automated heavy parts loading – 200mm x 100mm
(7.87 x 3.93 inch) and 5kg + 5kg capacity
• 8″ – 10″ workholding
• Quick and accurate automated turning and handling of complex parts reduces labor costs and increases productivity
• Turret capable of achieving speed of 0.26 sec/index.
• Swivel control panel
• Rear or optional side positioned discharge chip conveyor
• Maintenance items are all conveniently located in one section of the machine.



FUJI FS4 Series


The FUJI FS4 Series: Achieve the fastest high-volume automation in its class with 2.5 seconds load/unload time.


FUJI FS4 Series photo

• Built-in high speed FUJI L35-08H loader
• Incredibly accurate box way machine with gang style tooling reducing chip-to-chip time by 50%
• Easy access pull-up doors
• Choice of cup/pin type or air chuck loader
• Touch screen control
• Compact size of 43″ x 66″